AI Competitor Analysis

Find 10 competitors in under 10 seconds.

Simply input a company's domain into ChatSpot and generate a list of top competitors.

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Research competitors with AI

An AI competitor analysis tool like ChatSpot can execute time-consuming research in seconds. Allowing you to deep-dive into the data points that interest you.

As a new or growing business, you want to learn who your competitors are. Rather than stretch your budget on costly competitive research software, let AI take this on for you for free.

Competitor Analysis Tool via ChatSpot

How to use ChatSpot for competitor analysis

Simply input the URL of the company you wish to analyze. Wait a few seconds, and ChatSpot will produce a list of 10 competitors. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is ChatSpot?

ChatSpot is an AI-powered sales and marketing assistant designed to help your businesses grow. 

ChatSpot combines the power of ChatGPT with dozens of unique data sources, most notably the HubSpot CRM.

ChatSpot is tailor-made for growing businesses like yours and completely free to use for everyone, even if you aren't yet using the HubSpot CRM.

ChatSpot has many functions like AI content writing, research, and SEO assistance. If you're a HubSpot user, ChatSpot can help you execute actions quickly within your account. 

How do I use ChatSpot as a competitor research tool?

ChatSpot has many functions, but acting as a competitor analysis tool is one of its most popular uses.

Once you input a desired domain name, or URL, ChatSpot will provide you a list of its top 10 competitors within seconds.

If you're interested in diving deeper into your competitor list, you can explore other AI prompts within ChatSpot. Researching has never been easier or faster.

What does ChatSpot do with my data?

Please reference the ChatSpot FAQ page for in-depth information on how data is being used by the tool. 

Is ChatSpot really free?

Yes! ChatSpot is completely free to use.