Powerful Sales & Marketing Prompts

ChatSpot is a free AI-powered assistant that combines the power of ChatGPT with unique data sources, including the HubSpot CRM, to help supercharge your work.

AI Blog Writer

Create a blog in a few simple clicks.

Effortlessly turn your ideas into polished blogs and draft content directly in HubSpot.

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AI Image Generator

Create images in lightning speed. 

Easily input your specifications into ChatSpot and generate a range of images to choose from.

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Competitor Analysis

Find 10 competitors in under 10 seconds.

Simply input a company's domain into ChatSpot and generate a list of top competitors.

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Tech Stack Finder

Research a competitor's tech stack smarter with AI.

Simply input a company's domain into ChatSpot and discover what technology they use.

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Mission Statement Generator

Simply input your details and let ChatSpot expertly convert your business's core values and objectives into the ideal mission statement

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